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I Picked Up A New Kindle Oasis

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I decided last week After trying to read my old kindle and it was dead again that maybe I should go a head and look into a new one. My old kindle voyage seemed to be going through that battery more quickly and unfortunately a non replaceable battery is normal in almost anything these days. The battery can technically be replaced but I don’t want to deal with that. It just so happens I have in the past few months done some research into whether any kindles have the ability to invert the colors.

I Am Considering A New Kindle Paper White

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For some reason I happened up a website explaining how to enable white text on black background recently. This is something I was always disappointed that the kindle didn’t have and had always hoped they’d implement it someday. This would make reading so much easier and more enjoyable for me. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my kindle paper white already for the most part. The ability to set the font and font size to something that works for my poor visual acuity in itself is a game changer for me and most likely anyone else with a visual impairment.

Kindle Allows Me To Read Again!

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Being Visually impaired has always effected my ability to read but it seems that since my cornea transplant went bad I have had difficulty even reading large print. I’ve tried reading stuff on the computer screen but that’s not very comfortable to read for that way for long periods of time. Another problem is that large print books are just so expensive and audio books are worse yet. Molly bought me a Kindle for my birthday and that has been a real blessing.

Amazon Kindle 2's Text-To-Speech

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Amazon’s new kindle 2 looks pretty interesting. I’d consider getting one if I could just see it first. It seems like you can change the text size on it so that might just be the perfect thing for me but I’d like to see it in person too so I can tell whether the contrast is good for me. It also seems to include a feature to read the book to you.

Large Print Books

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I got to spend a couple hours in a book store yesterday. I love books and could have walked out with a car full if it wasn’t so inconvenient to read them. If they were readily available I would probably read all the time. Large print books are available but they are expensive and still not quite big enough for me to see. There is also not much of a selection of large print books out there.