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I Picked Up A New Kindle Oasis

After my old kindle was dead again last week when I tried to read it I picked up an Kindle Oasis. So far I like it. It’s an improvement for me.


I Am Considering A New Kindle Paper White

I am considering buying a new paper white since it can do reverse contrast. I can see light text on a dark background so much better and it’s much easier on my eyes.



I bought and read Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 book. It was nice to read the more detailed reasoning about his 5/3/1 program.


Kindle Allows Me To Read Again!

The Kindle allows me to read again. Large print books were prohibitively expensive with print not quite large enough. Not only that but the selection was typically poor and catered to old people. The Kindle lets me make anything large print thats on there.


Amazon Kindle 2s Text-To-Speech

This could be a really good thing for me or others who are visually impaired. Amazon’s next Kindle is supposed to have text to speech.


Large Print Books

I got to spend a couple of hours in a book store yesterday. I love books! I could have left if a car load of books if I had the money and could see them. large print books are so expensive and there’s such a poor selection of them it sucks.