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I Am Considering A New Kindle Paper White

For some reason I happened up a website explaining how to enable white text on black background recently. This is something I was always disappointed that the kindle didn’t have and had always hoped they’d implement it someday. This would make reading so much easier and more enjoyable for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love my kindle paper white already for the most part. The ability to set the font and font size to something that works for my poor visual acuity in itself is a game changer for me and most likely anyone else with a visual impairment.

Before the kindle reading wasn’t too much of an option for me since I didn’t really have the desk space to buy a CCTV like I had in school and for college. The last one I had stopped working. That one was the tray type and it just took up a lot of space and needed clear space around it to slide the tray back and forth and up and down.

Large print books were an option but the print wasn’t quite large enough to make it comfortable to read with poor lighting. The cost was prohibitive too. They are pretty expensive and I understand that the reason for that is their is less of a demand for them than regular cheap paperback books. The selection of available large print books isn’t so great either at least in my interests. They seem to gear more towards older people but it makes sense that older people tend to have deteriorating eyesight. I’ll end this tangent now.

The other thing I am not crazy about with the kindle is the microscopic text for the menus and library. That’s the typical design fad these days though, tiny text with lots of white space and poor contrast.

Once I am in a book or magazine I want to read the kindle paper white works pretty well for me now. The dark text on white background tends to make my eyes tired but anything with that color scheme isn’t ideal for me. I can at least read and enjoy books again. I must have read a hundred science fiction books on there in the 5 years or so I’ve had it. I’ve also bought and read quite a few non fiction ones too, Several weightlifting books, Jim Wendler’s 531 and some FreeBSD books come to mind immediately though.

I really feel that the dark background with light text could be a total game changer for me. To be one hundred percent honest if it weren’t for the whole coronavirus clusterfuck occurring right now I’d be looking to see what store has the new kindles that I could maybe go see in person and see if it would be as big of as benefit to me as I suspect it would. I will more than likely just go ahead and order the new paper white in the near future. I love how at least once in a while technology can be beneficial to me even being legally blind.