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Kindle Allows Me To Read Again!

Being Visually impaired has always effected my ability to read but it seems that since my cornea transplant went bad I have had difficulty even reading large print. I’ve tried reading stuff on the computer screen but that’s not very comfortable to read for that way for long periods of time. Another problem is that large print books are just so expensive and audio books are worse yet.

Molly bought me a Kindle for my birthday and that has been a real blessing. I am able to read books again with and it’s much more comfortable than holding up a large print book since they are thicker and heavier than regular books.

The menu text is difficult to read due to it being smaller text but the books themselves have choices for font sizes and the second largest is perfect for me. It seems that almost anything is available for the kindle and lots of free stuff. I am thrilled that the Kindle works so well for me. I think that new Kindle Paperwhite would be even better but I couldn’t justify getting that since the one I currently have works well enough. I certainly would recommend anyone with poor vision that would like to read look into the Kindle.