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I Picked Up A New Kindle Oasis

I decided last week After trying to read my old kindle and it was dead again that maybe I should go a head and look into a new one. My old kindle voyage seemed to be going through that battery more quickly and unfortunately a non replaceable battery is normal in almost anything these days. The battery can technically be replaced but I don’t want to deal with that. It just so happens I have in the past few months done some research into whether any kindles have the ability to invert the colors.

I had originally planned on a new paper white but then decided to get the oasis since among other things it has a slightly bigger screen. It’s much more expensive but I thought fuck it I’m gonna live a bit since we haven’t been going out to eat or anything since everything’s closed. It does have the ability to do the inverted colors. White text on a black background has always been better for me to read and see. I always used the inverted colors on my CCTV in school and after school.

It also has the ability to at least slightly increase the font size on the home page and menus and such. That was one of my complaints about the other kindles I’ve owned. Like everything else the design fad right now is microscopic text with too much white space.

I’ve read one 2600 article and found the font I like and the largest text size with the white text on black background and found it absolutely easier to read than on my previous devices. I really couldn’t complain about them though since once I got the kindle voyage white that was a massive improvement over trying to read a regular large print book. I found that the new oasis was a great improvement for me and my low vision though.

The one side is thicker than the other which I thought was weird at first but with the little bit of time I spent on it today I feel that once I get used to it it’s going to turn out to actually be an advantage. It seems it will allow me to hold it easier without my fingers accidentally touching the touch screen. On that note it has two physical buttons for turning the pages and I like them being on the side of the screen where they are. I can just touch that to change the page rather than the accidental multiple touches on the screen.

One of the cool things I discovered is I can flip it upside down and the text will flip for me so I played with that a bit testing out which side I’d prefer the thicker part of the back to be on. I haven’t come to a conclusion yet of which side I would rather it and the buttons to be on but it’s easy enough to just flip it.

So far I am happy I upgraded to this new kindle. It brings enough improvements to my use case to make it seem worth it. and I have had the voyage for almost 5 years now and have read tons of books on it. The new accessibility features will be a huge additionally benefit to me being legally blind. I haven’t had any complaints about my previous kindles and the grand scheme of things but each one has been an improvement over it’s predecessors.

Later this week it’s forecast to be near 80 for the highs. Hopefully it’s not too wet and I can enjoy some reading out on the patio in the evening with a nice adult beverage to a relax.