Fitness and everything else


I’ve seen Jim Wender’s 5/3/1 book and program mentioned numerous times as I really got interested in fitness. Earlier this year I decided to check and see if there’s a Kindle version of the book and sure enough there is in fact one. I bought it and took my time to read through the book.

He makes a lot of good points in the book. It wasn’t the easiest to follow at times. It seems almost as if he wrote things as he thought of them. Regardless I enjoyed reading it and will keep a lot of things in mind that were in it. I liked how he mentions how others have had success on the program.

The program it self looks like something I may have to add in for myself to get stronger if we ever get enough equipment at home that I can do my lifting outside of the Crossfit gym. We were using the program for squats and deadlifts in the gym right now so that’s why I had to buy the book in the first place. I had read of the program before but I wanted to read the book itself to learn the methodology of it. The hows and whys are what I wanted.

It definitely makes a lot of sense and with my being in my in my late 30s. Closer to 40 actually it would be wise to allow my body the rest that this program gives and not overwork myself. Recovery is as important as what you actually are lifting.