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Amazon Kindle 2s Text-To-Speech

Amazon’s new kindle 2 looks pretty interesting. I’d consider getting one if I could just see it first. It seems like you can change the text size on it so that might just be the perfect thing for me but I’d like to see it in person too so I can tell whether the contrast is good for me.

It also seems to include a feature to read the book to you. That to me is huge and could give other low vision users the freedom to have a book read to them when they want. Sure there are other options but this just seems so convenient. It could allow sighted people to listen to a book while doing something else too where reading it isn’t really an option.

This is where the shit comes in. A group that represents writers is saying having the device read the book out loud violates copyright. Thanks author’s guild. Isn’t it enough that you can only use the book you bought on the kindle? You want me to have to buy it to read on the kindle then buy a separate audio book? How about if I buy neither instead?

I just love when greed gets in the way of innovation.