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Healthy Changes

Today as I was drinking my coffee it got into my mind as it does every so often about the amount of sugar I would use in the past. These days I drink it black ninety percent of the time or maybe use cream if we’re out as an extra treat. But that wasn’t always the case.

Some years ago, I don’t remember exactly how long ago my coffee had not quite finished brewing, but I already had my coffee cup in my hand and the sugar was in my other hand. Since it was in my hands, already just poured the amount of sugar I’d typically use into the bottom of my mug. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in before or after you pour the coffee, since you stir it anyway.

That day is when I realized the shocking amount of the sugar that I’d use in my coffee. I realized how unhealthy that had to be, and that day was the last day I ever used sugar as an additive for my coffee. Black coffee took a bit of getting used to, but now that’s my preference. I honestly don’t even know how I drank it back then with all that sugar, but it was just what I always did since I was a small kid.

I can’t even express how thankful I am that I at least cut out that bad habit. All that sugar was just asking to catch the diabeetus with no gain. Not to mention all the extra calories with zero nutritional value whatsoever. Thankfully, I never got sugar problems.

This is just one example of how you can make small choices that can drastically help your heath. I’m a firm believer of the simple concept is if you become aware of an issue in which you can make choices to improve your situation, you do it now. Don’t say you’ll do it later/ Just cut that shit out right away.

You see it with smokers all the time. They’re cutting back. They’ll quit for their New Year’s resolution. Not only that, but they never do actually quit and as much as they convince themselves, and otherwise they never cut back either. If you’re serious about quitting smoking, you just stop. Cut the bullshit excuses. Neighbors of our said they’re cutting back and quitting a little while ago. Guess what? They’re still chain-smoking back and forth all day long when they’re home.

Same thing with eating. “I’m starting my diet next week.” I’m doing a challenge. Next week they might start their diet, but that doesn’t last long because they just go back to old habits. If they were actually serious about losing weight, they’d start right away by at least attempting to eat better. Not binge until they intend to start the diet. It’s a lifestyle change and not just a temporary one.

Even with exercise, it’s not something you should say you’re going to start later. Start today. How many times have we heard people say that they need to get in shape before they start exercising or go to the gym. They need to get in shape to sign up for Crossfit or some other group class. No, you don’t need to get in shape to do that. That’s what those things are for, and they can work with where you’re at now.

Why say you’re going to start later when you could have already started and been well on your way to your goals already? Life is finite, and you have a limited amount of time to make the best of the time you do have, so why waste any of it?