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Cutting The Grass Is Less Annoying Now

I know that I’ve mentioned it elsewhere, but we’ve been unable to find the replacement starter string for our old lawnmower. We haven’t wanted to buy a new one since we knew it was here, but as time went on, the grass was growing.

It just so happened that one evening we were walking and went past a house with someone using an electric lawnmower. Their grass was high, and it was doing a good job, so a few days later we decided to just get an electric mower.

Our yard is small and with the patio and stuff it’s just sort of annoying to keep stopping and starting the lawnmower several times as I cross the patio and take it out front. It’s merely a bunch of disconnected sections.

Today was the second time I used the lawnmower, and it was so much nicer to not be inhaling the gas fumes and have the annoyingly loud engine. It’s almost as quiet as the old reel mower we had when we first moved here. That was ideal for the environment and our yard is small enough for it to make sense, but there are too many stringy weeds that the mower didn’t cut. It’s a good thing to me being visually impaired to hear if someone is near me, since I rely on that as much as I do vision to know what’s going on around me. It’s an extra bonus moreover to not have your ears ringing after you’re done each time. I can do it early in the morning too when it’s going to be hot out in the summer and not be too concerned about annoying the neighbors. I hated to be the one to annoy the several nice neighbors who were working from home last summer.

Someone, I think maybe my dad, had bought us the old gas mower we used after that, and it worked fine until I ran over a hidden brick that the old neighbors had thrown into our yard. They were assholes, but I think I’ve said that before.

Anyway, the electric one we got seems to really work well for our needs and is nice and quiet. We’re not going to throw out the old one, but if the person who loaned it to us does not want it back, we’ll put it out for free and someone will take it. We just try to be reasonably environmentally friendly, and that was a big reason we got the battery one. Gas powered mowers release a shit ton of pollutants.

The nicest thing though, I think, is the fact that the handles can easily be folded down, and you can store the mower standing up. There aren’t any fluids in to leak, so that’s a nice way to make the thing does not take up most of the space in the shed.