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It Was Nice To Sleep With The Window Open

I have always preferred sleeping with the window open. The fresh air and outside sounds just make me feel more relaxed and sleep better for some reason. It will be even better once the night time insects are out but it’s too early for that.

There’s just something about the cooler night time air that makes me feel good. Maybe spending so much time outside while growing up, especially up the mountains with the ever so slight cooler evening breeze coming down into the valley while we were outside at the fire. The fact that my body is usually a furnace could also be a factor but I also don’t like the fan blowing on me.

I could do without the small penis syndrome motorcycle that passes by here but the window being open doesn’t really make a difference for that. Even when it’s closed you can hear it 3 blocks away. At least I haven’t been hearing the person who drives a diesel truck with a similar syndrome.