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Fighter Jet Circled Over Us A Few Times Today

After doing my lifting and first WOD today we kept hearing a loud fighter jet flying over. It’s not necessary uncommon to hear them flying low here but certainly not as common as it was growing up in Bensalem with Willow Grove nearby and Fort Dix and Dover being not all that far away either. We’d see all kinds of planes and formations at times and I can even remember seeing stealth fighters flying low in the 80s. They just look so weird when they’re flying. That was long before the internet and being able to look them up but a lot of people thought they were UFOs.

Here you only notice it a time or two a year.

Sadly today I didn’t get outside soon enough to be able to see or get a picture but it was much louder then normal leading be to believe it was directly overhead and/or lower. Normally they don’t seem to fly over town but just to the south of us. I didn’t make it out to the street soon enough to see it sadly, but it was loud enough I heard and felt the house vibrating.