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Memorial Day

Please don’t say happy Memorial Day. It’s not a happy thing to honor veterans that never made it back home. I just never really understood why people say happy Memorial Day or even how that got started. Do people not realize the real reason for the holiday? I just feel that a lot of folks just don’t give it a thought or even understand it.

It’s a long weekend for most people so there’s nothing wrong with enjoying it. It’s usually nice weather so it’s a great time for cook outs and such. I know growing up I always liked to spend the long weekend up the mountains. Hell the one year my girlfriend and I made it to geowoodstock which is usually on Memorial Day Weekend.

I’m not saying that it should be a sad day but at least keep in mind what the true reason behind the last Monday of may being a holiday actually is intended to be about. Too many people went off to fight and never made it back home.