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Windows 10 Login Ads

The other day, I accidentally booted into windows for something. I was reminded just how hostile the experience can be when I had to click through ads when I logged in.


Finally Put My Windows 10 On An SSD

I finally got around to moving my Windows 10 installation to an SSD. The loading time at least not insufferable anymore like it was before where it would just sit and spin for minutes at a time. I wish I never needed to use windows.


Windows 10 Update Is Painfully Slow

Windows 10 update is painfully slow. Hell Windows 10 is painfully slow with everything it does to the point that it’s almost unusable.


Trying Out Windows 7 Public Beta Soon

Microsoft has released a public beta for Windows 7. I’m going to install an old hard drive in my computer and check it out. I’ve read that it’s supposed to be easier on memory.