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Finally Put My Windows 10 On An SSD

I’ve had windows 10 on old Seagate hard drive that I bought in 2007. I really can’t complain about that one. it still works fine. Windows 10 is just anything but efficient with drive use.

I hated to buy an SSD for windows which I only boot into once a month if that but I got tired of the click, wait, wait, wait, window shows up with spinning cursor, wait, wait, wait. I have an 8 core Ryzen processor and 32GB of ram for fucks sake. Couldn’t Microsoft at least have some efficiency with slower drives?

I found a Crucial m.2 SSD for like 50 bucks and it’s more than large enough for my windows 10 installation. I ordered that maybe a month ago but we finally installed it today. Also removed the RGB cable from the processor fan since that was getting bitched up from the fan. No problem. My old p182 case doesn’t allow you to see the LEDs anyways. Love this case though and it seems to be built like a tank. I saw no reason to upgrade the case when we upgraded the guts of my computer from a ten year old q6600 a Ryzen 1700 when they came out. I believed my old motherboard or memory were taking a shit on me.

If it weren’t for that upgrade I’d still be using windows XP for my few windows needs. I still think that windows XP was the best, friendliest and most stable version of windows. I could customize it for my visual accessibility to my liking much better than windows 10.

I was able to use Acronis True Image to clone the old drive to the new one so there was no reinstalling. Sadly I had to use my phone to magnify the software’s microscopic text on their program that doesn’t follow windows text size or color schemes. I made it work but it was much more difficult than it needed to be. Just another example in my opinion how software usability has stepped backwards again. It used to be uncommon for windows software to not follow your preferred color settings. One of the few examples I can think of was Apple programs then there were more and more. Now it seems like its basically a free for all for hundreds of megs of program to do one or two simple things. I guess the good thing is I only had to use it once.