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The Dumb Way I Ended Up Getting Windows 95

I’ve done my share of stupid things relating to computers. I learn by doing and that means I do break things sometimes. I’m remembering the time I deleted the DLL files to free up hard disk space.



Today I stumbled across the winamp skin museum and that brought back the memories of using that program to play mp3s that I’d downloaded from napster and I descovered and purchased a tone olf music because of that.


Trying Out Windows 7 Public Beta Soon

Microsoft has released a public beta for Windows 7. I’m going to install an old hard drive in my computer and check it out. I’ve read that it’s supposed to be easier on memory.


No OS War

I see too often about OS wars. It’s not really a war. Just use the best tool for the job. For me it’s not windows but for some else it may be.