Windows 10 Update Is Painfully Slow

After the last experience I had of wasting hours to use a specific program that required windows but required I do certain painfully slow update that took hours of my time I have started to boot into the steaming pile of turds known as windows 10 more than every few months when I need it just to run windows update.

I could upgrade to an SSD for windows but I don’t use it enough to justify the cost of another windows tax. I already had to buy windows 10. The 8 cores and 16GB of ram ought to be enough to make it run reasonably well once everything is loaded but as it stands now every click is painful and that’s been my experience on any device I’ve had to use windows 10. It’s as if they took everything they did right with windows XP and undid it all. That was where I felt windows peaked in usability.

This morning it took about an hour to download an install two updates with nothing else running. You just gotta love the typical getting things ready.. wait at 0% for 10 minutes.. jump to 13 and wait 5 minutes… jump to 70% wait 10 minutes then jump to 100% and wait longer yet. The repeat the same thing with installing the updates. Microsoft should have the resources to improve this.