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Maybe I Should Start Leaving One Star Reviews For Apps That Nag For Reviews

You just have to love the pop ups when you open an app begging you to leave a review in the play store or what ever. Your pop up is intrusive and getting in the way of me doing what I downloaded or possibly purchased your app to do. You don’t really want my review when that happens.

The best ones are when the nag screen comes up the first time you even run the app. Why would I rate an app that I haven’t even had the opportunity to use yet? This sort of nag is the best method the developer can use to get me to immediately uninstall the program before even giving it a chance.

I very rarely leave reviews for anything really and have never, at least that I can recall, left any reviews for an app. Most apps are shit.

If I do leave a review I tend to leave it on the products page and also try to post about it here where no third part can block it or delete it. I may take a little longer to post about it on here as I think about what I want to say in a more detailed way but it does eventually wind up on here with a link.