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Note App Options

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It’s been quite a while now that I have been wanting to find or come up with a solution for sharing notes between my android devices and my computer where it’s so much easier to look things up or write than with the small screen and virtual keyboard on my phone or tablet. For me I wanted it to be computer first and have a way to sync with my devices.

Fake Screenshot Spam Is A Sure Way To Get Your App Uninstalled

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As handy as smart phones are it really gets old and frustrating when almost everything does shady shit. Everything is fighting for your attention to show you more ads or make you buy shit or just have more ability to track you. This morning I saw a new one to me with a game I had installed some time ago adding screen shots to my gallery. The thing is I haven’t played it in a long time and thought I had actually uninstalled it.

Maybe I Should Start Leaving One Star Reviews For Apps That Nag For Reviews

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You just have to love the pop ups when you open an app begging you to leave a review in the play store or what ever. Your pop up is intrusive and getting in the way of me doing what I downloaded or possibly purchased your app to do. You don’t really want my review when that happens. The best ones are when the nag screen comes up the first time you even run the app.

Apps That Force You To Hold Your Device Their Way Instead Of Your Way

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A big annoyance for me is how so many Android apps force you to hold your device in either portrait or landscape mode.

Frustration With Android Apps

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There’s not that much that frustrates me more than having to use stupid apps to do things that could just as easily be done through the website. I just spent I don’t know how long messing with a well known pharmacy’s app to get my prescription delivered. First of all their normal website refused to accept my phone number. I really don’t want to have to go to a pharmacy at this point to not put more vulnerable people at risk if I am a asymptomatic carrier of COVID19

Wx, Finally A Weather App For Android Seems To Be What I Want

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Ever since I got an android phone I’ve been on the lookout for a weather app that could do everything I want in one place. I used arcus for a while and that was pretty nice. It was simple but was missing some stuff I’d like for it to have and now seeing they’re shutting down darksky, the source of their data I’m glad I moved a way from that a while back.

No I Don't Want To Install Your App

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Not much is more annoying when I’m googling something and see a pop up about installing an app. No thank you. I’d prefer to view the information my way with my text size and colors. I don’t want microscopic black text on a white back round with mostly white space. not to mention half of what’s actually available one the website to make room for the ads. There’s also the likeliness that the app is running all the time tracking me or possibly listening to me.

ASUS ZenPad 3S 10 9.7"

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I needed to get a new tablet since my old Samsung was getting itself into a boot loop. I ended up settling on the Asus ZenPad 3s 10 9.7"

Android Devices Not Getting Security Updates

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One of my biggest frustrations with android devices is that the manufacture supports the security updates and that just typically doesn’t happen. It’s the culture of technology now. Push it out now then artificially obsolete it. People eat that shit up and so many want to just go buy the latest and greatest. I, on the other hand prefer to keep using something as long as it works well enough for my needs.

Poor Accessibility In Android Apps

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I love my android devices, but I have noticed a lot of the apps have pretty poor accessibility. I’m sure things will improve over time, but it can be frustrating at times.