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Fake Screenshot Spam Is A Sure Way To Get Your App Uninstalled

As handy as smart phones are it really gets old and frustrating when almost everything does shady shit. Everything is fighting for your attention to show you more ads or make you buy shit or just have more ability to track you.

This morning I saw a new one to me with a game I had installed some time ago adding screen shots to my gallery. The thing is I haven’t played it in a long time and thought I had actually uninstalled it.

It’s sort of sad to me with the state of how smart phones have turned out. We are the product. Everything is tracking everything you do on a device most people expect is private. Everything is fighting for your attention. All the while all these apps running unnecessarily in the background are draining your battery away.

It works too. Everywhere you go you see people glued to their phones. I’d bet $100 that the dumb ass woman that turned left and nearly hit us in the crosswalk as she was going into the wrong lane of traffic last night was looking at her phone. We had the walk sign.

The worst of the bunch are the apps that come preinstalled on a phone. The instagrams and Facebooks apps and things like that which you cannot uninstall. You can “disable” them but who knows or can trust if that actually stops them from collecting data. The problem with android is google has it’s on hand in these shady patterns.

It seems like they’re always finding new ways to try to steal your attention. You disable notifications and they email. You unsubscribe from that they find new ways.