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Apps That Force You To Hold Your Device Their Way Instead Of Your Way

Thankfully at least it seems to be less common that it once was but there are still Android apps that needlessly dictated. I prefer using my tablet in landscape mode. It works better for me that way and it is my device.

There are a few apps on there that force me to view them in portrait mode. Garmin Connect is one of them. Garmin’s app though I can sort of understand since it shows a lot of data with charts and graphs and such. I’d love for them to show that in landscape mode too but I rarely use it on my tablet other than a quick glance. On my phone the portrait mode makes sense since that’s the way I use it anyways.

Recently I’ve come across the FedEx app. Yes they still suck. I am expecting a package to be delivered and don’t know if I have to sign for it. There’s no indication of whether I have to or not. In the past I missed them when having to sign and almost didn’t get the GPS in time for vacation. They won’t give a time frame either. Just by the end of the day. I’d be content with just an afternoon or morning time frame. I’d like to do a couple of WODS today.

The website said I could sign up and get a time frame but that was a lie. First of all the website blindly fails when I try to login. It just says something went wrong. The login works on the FedEx app just fine but it will still only tell me by the end of the day. UPS is able to tell me either morning or afternoon if I am logged into my account. Amazons is able to give me an even shorter time frame than that. Why can’t FedEx do that? I am am remembering correctly even the USPS is giving some sort of a time frame now for packages.

The app forces portrait mode which is annoyance number one. It also features the thin microscopic text with way too much white space which I find very difficult to read even using a magnifier. Technology should make accessibility easier, not more difficult but too often these apps just have to look “pretty” more than being functional.

I truly cannot wait until the day of the current design fads die off. You know how devices need to have little or no bezel so there’s no way to reasonably hold it without incurring accidental touches on the touch screen. Maybe the designers that come up with this shit should actually try using their designs with say ooh and ahh it looks pretty.

I also can’t wait for the day for flat design to die off.