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Wx, Finally A Weather App For Android Seems To Be What I Want

Ever since I got an android phone I’ve been on the lookout for a weather app that could do everything I want in one place. I used arcus for a while and that was pretty nice. It was simple but was missing some stuff I’d like for it to have and now seeing they’re shutting down darksky, the source of their data I’m glad I moved a way from that a while back.

After that I used some eweather app. It was nice and did a lot of stuff. The interface at least for me is just too visual though. For anyone with normal vision it’s probably fine but to me it wasn’t all that intuitive and the tabs were so easy for me to misclick. I even got the paid version because it was good with tons of data.

For radar I’ve been using radarscope and I honestly couldn’t name one way they could improve that but it only does radar. It takes my allisonhouse subscription

A few months ago I stumbled onto wX for android. This app seems to offer everything the NWS has to offer and it’s all in one place. Sure I could use the browser but then I would have to have multiple bookmarks.

My first page is set up to have the radar then the local forecast in text format from the NWS. It has icons too so I can get a quick glass but with my vision problems that’s almost slower than reading the text for me. Below that I can read the forecast discussion which often has nice tidbits of interest with the current or upcoming weather.

I can’t really say I’ve taken the time yet to explore all that it has available. It’s been pretty much perfect for my wants and needs right out of the box. It supports a dark theme which is what I can see better. I wish more apps were like this and just worked instead of trying to be pretty.