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Microscopic Text In Apps

One would think that with the invention and proliferation of smartphones and such. The ideal situation would be that things would be more accessible. There’s only so much that can be done with paper, but a device with a screen should be able to offer multiple sizes, and many apps do.

My mistake was forgetting to add a prepaid card to my prepaid phone service. The other mistake was forgetting to update my changed card number in their system. I went to send a text today and it didn’t go through. That’s my fault and no big deal.

I went first onto their website and tried to log in to update my card number. That went poorly. I was able to log in, but then got caught in a refresh cycle on Firefox. Thanks for the unnecessary script usage! They have to keep all those trackers happy!

I bit the bullet and went to the app on my phone. I really hate using that because it just has microscopic text for everything with loads of whitespace. Typical android app design that is oh so common. It’s so fun trying to enter numbers and stuff and use a magnifier to try to verify them at the same time with the tiny text. I got everything entered in, though.

There was unfortunately an error. The address validator refuses to accept a fraction in the address which has probably existed and been valid since before the “developer” was born. Usually, when that happens on a website, I have to figure out a way to put the half in there. Every so often, it is spelling out half that gets it accepted, but that didn’t work either. I was able to get it working by placing it in the apartment number box, or whatever they call that field.

I don’t wish a disability on anyone, but I would be interested to see what would change if the people who made these decisions had to live a day in our shoes. I bet design would be less important and usability a higher priority. The same goes for physical things, like the poor contrast in so many stair or signs. Hell, even the poor lighting in so many public places might change. I think the biggest issue is lack of awareness or understanding how it affects others.