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Frustration With Android Apps

There’s not that much that frustrates me more than having to use stupid apps to do things that could just as easily be done through the website. I just spent I don’t know how long messing with a well known pharmacy’s app to get my prescription delivered.

First of all their normal website refused to accept my phone number. I really don’t want to have to go to a pharmacy at this point to not put more vulnerable people at risk if I am a asymptomatic carrier of COVID19

The first problem with the app like so many other android apps is the small text and poor color scheme for me. I don’t need pretty in the eyes of some designer. I want functional. Thankfully I have a quick shortcut on my phone to quickly reverse the contrast and that helped along with magnifying but them I have to switch back and forth since the keyboard follows my preferred colors.

Then I got to the screen where I put in my information but there’s no next button to be seen. Eventually I came up with the thought that it’s possibly related to the fact that I have android set to the largest text size, you know so I am able reasonably use it. Sure enough going through the trouble of changing that allowed me to find a next button. All in all I guess I spent 20 to 30 minutes of my time trying to make it work. I can’t imagine being technologically illiterate and trying to use these stupid apps.

Surely a large company like this pharmacy is able to invest a bit into usability and accessibility of their app. Sadly neither of the above are of any priority these days. Just throw something out there that looks “pretty.” Technology provides the tools that should make things easier and more accessible but in so many cases the opposite is true.