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Endless Scroll Can Be Annoying

We’ve all come across the stupid endless scrolling where when you hit the bottom of the screen it loads more entries. One some of the social media sites it sort of makes sense since that sort of stuff is virtually endless but quit with the auto refresh shit so you lose your place in the middle of reading a post.

The real annoying use of this that comes to mind are two types of sites. For forums and shopping sites it just seems like such a usability regression to me. I guess people think it’s fancy and pretty though so I have been noticing it being used more and more.

The forum that really comes to mind with this annoyance is the Garmin forum. There is a bug with their scales that loses a person. I check on with the forum every once in a while to see if there’s been any updates and have to scroll through a ton of me two posts whereas on a old functional forum I could have just clicked on the last page on the pagination list at the bottom. Instead I have to hit end, wait for a few more posts to load, hit end, wait again, hit end, wait again and repeat and repeat. There are also some other companies that do this that I can think of and it sort of makes me hesitant to buy their products.

The other really annoying place I’ve been seeing this pop up is on shopping sites. If I am looking for one specific color or type of item I don’t want to or have the patience to endlessly scroll through until the thing I am looking for shows up then somehow lose my place and have to start again because I forgot to or was not even able to view the one I wanted to read more about in a new tab. I usually have trouble guessing where the search is on these sites too and if I do find a search option it tends to be terrible and give you only a bunch of unrelated results compared to your search terms.