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Non Parented Kids

How ironic it is to have to post this today but I went to check that the sprouts at the location of the milkweed plant in our front yard at the edge of the sidewalk. A bunch of them were trampled into the grounds. I knew the neighbor kids were outside playing with their basketball on the sidewalk but still need to respect other people’s property.

I wouldn’t expect much in the parenting department though since the entire family’s method of taking the dog out entails open the door and let it shit where ever it wants which is typically in our yard. It’s shat more than once right in front of our back door and we’ve stepped in it tracking dog shit through the house without realizing it.

The kids seem to think they can play where ever they want. Not that I mind them being in our yard if they’re not hurting anything but playing football in our garden (raised bed in a box) is bullshit. There’s no way they can say they didn’t know. When I told them nicely not to step on our plants they told me they didn’t even though I just watched them. do it a minute earlier.

That house is cursed to only have people living their with no respect for other people. The previous occupants had toddlers and one day we came home to dirt and mulch all over our porch, chairs, windows and everywhere in between. Apparently she left the toddlers outside alone and they threw the dirt everywhere. Before that among the many other things they did the one that stands out most in my mind is when the one kid was pretty little he walked up to me and punched me as I was carrying groceries in. The only thing the mother said is “he’s in a punching phase right now.” Didn’t even tell the kid no, It’s no wonder her brother broke bricks out of the steps to make a Halloween display.