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Nothing's Changed At The Grocery Store

We haven’t been able to go to the grocery store ourselves for a few weeks. Well we could have just ignored the quarantine like so many other people have done but instead tried to do the right thing.

I am sure I’ve mentioned it before but I just loathe going into Giant. It brings out the worst rudeness in people. It’s like Mount Joy’s own mini Walmart.

The old people were everywhere just blatantly invading my space. One old lady literally bumped into me and continued on her way not even apologizing. Not even the half assed apology that your normally get - “sorry” as they continue doing w hat they’re doing anyways.

I can’t wait until Stauffers opens. Maybe with them being a bit more expensive they’ll be less people around. I’m sure they wont have displays taking up ever piece of available floor space like giant does too. We already know they’ll have better quality of stuff plus they have Lancaster County Coffee! That’s gonna be dangerous.

The way people have been just walking into me reminds me of a story from back when I was a teenager. I was in the Acme looking at something. Maybe plants or a magazine. What exactly I was looking at I don’t remember. I was squatted down looking at something when some woman with her hands full tripped over me sending her stuff flying. She said the famous “excuse you” so I replied with fuck you. One of the cashiers saw the whole thing and with my mom working there knew I was visually impaired got in an argument with the woman and the employee. I do appreciate her standing up for me.