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I don't Understand Why Search Engines Continue To Show Sites Like Pinterest

I hate SEO with a passion and it annoys me no end how they manipulate to move up in results for searches irrelevant to what the topic actually is.

Today I was searching for something not even related to images which is what Pinterest does and it shows up near the top of the results. Normally I don’t click on these links but I must not have noticed it but the old familiar page shows up with a few completely unrelated images and the login screen.

There are other sites like that too, lots of them that show completely different information than what was in the search result. I just don’t understand why search engines don’t seem to care or even attempt to combat this. I guess it’s the result of search being mostly a monopoly. Google sells ads and directs you to these sites with ads. I just feel that search engines could probably do more but when there’s not really any relevant competition companies aren’t really inclined to invest much into improvements.

Some of the health related sites that pull this stunt are infuriating. As a carrier of a rare genetic mutation that causes rare tumors I am well aware of how many irrelevant sites come up for specific searches. It’s pretty annoying when you’re trying to find legitimate information. It used to be either irrelevant forum posts or ad riddled misinformation sites. At least that’s improved a little bit now.