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The Grocery Store Got Rid Of The One Way Isles!

I haven’t gone into the grocery store in a few weeks but since it wasn’t busy last evening when we were there I went in instead of waiting in the car. The first thing I noticed is the stupid arrows on the floor were gone.

The last time I was in they had the isles set up with arrows so they were supposed to be one way. It is one of those things that made sense on paper but not in reality. Too many people think the world revolves around them like the woman that was just aimlessly wandering around on her phone last time in an isle we needed something in or the man that reached over my head to get something.

One of the more useful things they could have done is turned off the stupid robot that wanders around the store and does nothing but manage to be in someone’s way. The robot seems to me to be a failed experiment at this point. It doesn’t help the matter that they insist on having displays everywhere and the store it self is already too small.

The shelves seemed a little more stocked than they have been. There was actually toilet paper and paper towels available! Maybe people are doing less hoarding now.