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Why Do Website Over complicate things?

Why do websites overcomplicate things? Well, I guess it’s apps too. They seem to think that it’s a good idea to add as many steps as possible to do simple tasks. I could understand, but still be highly annoyed by it, if they did it to show more ads.

One particular website that I use daily to look at certain things does just that. You have to go through five or six clicks to bring up today’s workout. It’s “pretty” but wastes too much of my time to click, wait for it to load, wait for fancy animation and 34524334 scripts to run.

There’s another one that’s a form that I frequently use, which is one field per page. Each new field it reloads, and I have to click the text box instead of it doing something smart like putting the cursor there. They managed to turn it into two steps per form field. But again it’s “beautiful.” It takes a lot more time and bandwidth than it should and more steps, but it’s pretty.

Oh, and they can never forget to in the fancy and pointless animations to make the poor experience complete. I don’t think people who do usability stuff actually use anything.

Apps for android are the same way, if not worse.