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Barking Dogs

There’s a guy who has 3 dogs. They are tied up outside all day long most days while he works. They bark, bark then more barking. They feed off of each other’s barking. In hindsight it’s the same dogs I was hearing before he moved a block closer. Today I heard some guy yell “shut the fuck up” at them so at least it’s not only us gets tired of hearing them. It seems at least once a week he’s looking for one of his dogs that got loose

They bark to the point that we can’t enjoy our patio half the time because they don’t shut up. Turns out the white bunny we see hopping around that was clearly someone’s pet and not a wild one was the same guy’s pet that he just left go. The good news is the bunny seems to do just fine. This is the second year we’ve seen it.

If you don’t have time or don’t want to deal with taking care of your pets don’t get more.