Sites That Block Firefox Because Of Adblock Plus

Recently I have been seeing

Adblock plus brought up pretty often. Adblock plus is an extension for Firefox that blocks web ads.

I have the right to block ads and I do that but I think the site owner has the right to block me from using their site. I’d just go somewhere else. I find it interesting that they would want to limit their exposure just because someone is blocking ads. What if I used a text browser that wasn’t capable of showing ads? Would that still be stealing?

I probably never would have started blocking ads if it wasn’t for the annoying and intrusive type of ads that were so common.. I’m talking about the pop ups or the pop under windows. Then there are the flashing banners that are done in flash. I can’t forget about the ads that cover the whole page and cover up the content I was searching for.

The text ads aren’t so bad especially if they are relevant. If that’s all there was I wouldn’t block ads because I wouldn’t feel the need..