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Stupid Flash Websites

The other day I stumbled on a website for a pizza place in our town while searching to see if they have a website with a menu. I wanted to see if they had anything new. I always enjoy their food.

What was really disappointing was to see that the whole site is just flash. except for a link to the designer’s website of course and what I see as a spammy area of text with keywords for search engine purposes. I can’t help but think of the late 90s when I see this site then cringe to think of it.

I would like to know what the purpose of doing this site in flash was. I see no redeeming reason to do so. The print is stuck in a tiny font that to me is not legible. I can’t change the contrast so I can read it. I can’t copy and paste the text into another program so I can read it. The only way I can change the font is to zoom the whole page in Firefox and I believe this would only work in Firefox 3.

I think the dumbest thing about flash websites is say I want to book mark a page on the website I can’t. For example on this pizza place’s website I cannot book mark the menu. If I try to book mark it I can only get the main page then have to click through to find what I want all over again. But the image around the menu changes by it self…. wow

I guess the one thing good about it is it doesn’t have a stupid intro that takes longer that I’m willing to wait. It seems to last only while the flash loads. If wanted to watch something I would watch TV or choose to watch something online.

The really annoying thing about this web site is doesn’t use the browser’s forward and back buttons. Instead of going back the way I expect I have to go to the menu and click through. If I did accidentally click the back button I would go back to a whole different page.

I hate flash websites. It’s not that I am against all flash sites.. it has it’s uses where it works well. I guess that what’s really important about this site is it looks pretty! Who needs usability if it looks pretty?