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Websites Are Worse Than Ever

Websites are worse than ever when it comes to functionality. They make so many errors and seem to be down so often. Large companies’ websites really are the worst of the bunch.

Just yesterday, for example, I checked the tracking on my Firefly Petunias, and when I go to use the tracking number on the UPS website, I got an error:

{%- samp(m=true) -%} Access Denied You don’t have permission to access “” on this server.

Reference #18.5a83817.1713821853.58d22d1 {%- end -%}

It did seem to work in a private window, but nothing on the website works in a regular tab since I logged in. The error tells me nothing. It seems to be related to the CDN. They seem to cause me so many errors. I get especially annoyed when I get Cloudflare or another CAPTCHA for “security.”

Today, it is still doing the same thing off and on. It’s been happening for twenty-four hours now, and I see nothing about it.

Last year, I ran into FedEx’s website failing when I went to log in with no information at all. I was using Firefox on FreeBSD, so maybe that’s enough of a reason to disrupt their trackers and other crap.

Street Parking’s website has scripts that don’t load WODs currectly at times. It will say: {%- samp(m=true) -%} Tuesday can be great for a rest day, Maintenance session, past Daily Workout or to check out our Extra Programs! {%- end -%}

or what ever other day it is when you try to load some WODs. It’s only meant to say that on Sunday.