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Another Use For An Old Tool

Today I discovered that I can use rsync to synchronize files and directories locally too. It’s not often that I have this use case, but today was one of those times. I was manually copying batches, but I only wanted to sync the new version of updated files. Most of them had were modified, but not all of them.

Out of the blue, rsync popped into my mind. I’ve been using it to sync to and across servers when I am moving to a new provider for years now, but just never really thought of using it locally. I was moving 450is gigs of FLAC files to the SD card for my Fiio music player. All was going well until I forgot that the card reader plugged into the port that’s on my monitor. It’s so much more convent that going to the back of the tower.

The thing is that port gets powered by the monitor, so when I turn it off it disconnects. I know this but still, I somehow managed to forget and turn it off while copying the files. I would like to blame it on the blood being away from my brain from those heavy deadlifts earlier today. That’s when I started to think that there has to be a better way. Rsync came to mind, so I explored that. I was thinking I may have to find something in the ports because I didn’t realize that RSync would work locally.

I discovered that it works locally too, and although I would rarely find it useful, this is something I will have to remember for those occasions.

rsync -vru --delete --no-owner --no-group --no-perms ~/Music/flac/* /usb/flac/

The greatest part about using the shell for stuff like this is how powerful it is. The bad part is I just can’t seem to remember the options to use. I am just not good at practicing, I guess.