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Extending WIFI

When the mosquitoes are being little shits, we love to relax outside on the patio when it’s nice outside. Usually, we have our tablet or something and an adult beverage of choice.

When I used to RB2011 we had a good signal outside. After upgrading to the hAP ac the signal seemed to be a bit weaker and more finicky but the availability of 5ghz far outweighs that since there are so many things here on 2.4 GHz. That’s the only reason I upgraded in the first place. I wanted to figure something out without spending money. In all other ways, the hAP ac was an upgrade from the 2011.

I still have the RB 2011, so I’ve been thinking that there has to be a way to use them both together. The obvious idea is to use Ethernet to connect them and place the rb2011 in the garage, so there’s only one wall for the radio waves to go through. Girlfriend didn’t like that idea.

I discovered that you can set it up. It took some messing around to get it working but it works okay now. First I had to plug the rb2011 into my computer and connect to it and give the information to connect to the hap ac wireless. Once that was done, I added a virtual

Then I added a virtual wireless interface and gave it an SSID and login formation. Connected them to the bridge, and it’s been working pretty well for me since. It’s a little slower to get an IP from the Routerboard 2011, but it’s not a big deal. Maybe I can make that faster at some point, maybe I missed something.

No extra money was spent, and it was fun to figure it out and learn a new thing or two. That RB2011 has outlasted anything else we’ve used, and some of those routers cost more. I know we’re not using it to its full potential, but I’d rather it be that way then have to buy something new if we wanted to change something or 2 months after the warranty runs out, and it decides to die. It’s absolutely worth having a device that will do what you want it to do, instead of you having to make what you want to do work the way they think you should want it. Oh yea, have I mentioned that the RB2011 which I bought in 2014 is still receiving software updates?