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I'm Looking Into Alternative editors For Markdown

I have decided that I want to look into alternatives to Kwrite as an editor for my website stuff. There’s nothing wrong with Kwrite at all. It just does more than I need it to do for these purposes and I thought I’d just try something new because that’s always fun.

The only prerequisite that it has to have for me to use it is handle markdown well. That shouldn’t be too hard of a task to do since the markdown is basically just text. highlighting is nice and spell check is nice to have. For me it must be able to use a dark theme with light text because that is just what works best for my visual impairment but I would guess almost any editor would support this.

So far I have checked out and am using Ghostwriter. As a matter of fact Ghostwriter is what I am using to compose this post. I’m digging this editor for sure. It’s pretty simple and only does what I need it to do without a million other bells and whistles that I don’t need it to do. Features that I use or may use for my purposes are a great thing to have but if it’s for stuff I’m not going to using it’s really just unnecessary bloat. I could definitely see myself sticking with this one but I will be checking out what ever other ones I can find that are readily available for FreeBSD without a bunch of dependencies that I don’t already have something else using.

I like the HUDs so far. The cheat sheet would could certainly come in handy for me since the whole markdown thing is still relatively new to me so there may be things that I haven’t used often enough to remember the codes. Markdown is not something I am proficient at using at this point. I get the basics and to a point some of the stuff has become muscle memory but only the common aspects of it. The HUDs are one of those features I haven’t really thought about until I saw what they are then it occurred to me that they’re actually genius. The document statistic one is very cool to me. Not something I need in any way but it’s still interesting to see that information there.

There’s no harm in trying other tools. Maybe one will have a feature I didn’t think of that turns out to be very useful. Sort of like Firefox mouse gestures. I didn’t think they would be useful until I got used to using them. Now I’m lost without them. Let’s just say editors have come a long way since my first time using them on a Commodore 64 then Notepad on Windows 3.1, I’ll keep my eyes open to see what else I come across. Multiple options is a positive thing.