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Tried Goat Simulator Boss Again And Beat Him

I decided to play a little Xbox today. I beat the Goat Simulator boss after I did a WOD and before the Phillies came on.


Goat Simulator 3 Is Fun!

Molly picked up Goat Simulator 3 for the Xbox, and I’ve been playing it. It’s pretty fun.


The Game Pitfall Popped Into My Head Today

We had an Atari 2600 growing up. The game Pitfall for it was and is one of my favorite games of all time. For some reason it just popped into my head today.


I Wish I Still Had My Old Game Systems

I wish I still had my old video game systems. They were a lot of fun and like a lot of older games a bit more than newer ones. Sadly I gave them away. The one guy said his kids would like one of them so I gave it to him taking the chance it might bring them some joy. I’d bet he was an addict. The very next day he bragged about how much he sold it for.


Nintendo Wii Died

I have a Nintendo Wii which I have fun playing. I got the urge to play Zelda and the Wii wouldn’t power on. Turns out that Molly reminded me that her answering machine stopped working last week. Wonder if the close lightning strikes while we were away geocaching damaged any other electronics.