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Goat Simulator 3 Is Fun!

I have been wanting to start playing Xbox again now that football is over and the gifts that were blocking the space where I’d have to sit to see the TV are gone. I’d like to finish up on Watchdogs, but I would rather not put that kind of time into a game right now. There’s too many things want to do and too little time to do them.

It just so happens that Molly picked Goat Simulator 3 and that game has been lots of fun for me. They have the things to do but it’s also fun just wandering around the open world causing random chaos.

I had the old Goat Simulator game from Game Pass that I enjoyed a while back. I used to play that drunk when we got home from Joy’s and cause random chaos. These games that shut the brain off and just have fun can be relaxing.

I do like the more complex games too but making one that’s just fun seems to be a lost art.

The absurdity of the goat game is what makes it fun. Having a firework’s launcher is so ridiculous that it’s fun. It doesn’t remind me of Roman candle wars or shooting bottle rocks because I never did that (in case my mom ever finds this site, haha).