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Sometimes You Forget How Long You've Had Something When Things Just Work

In this day and age where everything is basically designed to die the day after the 1 year warranty expires it’s nice to have a pleasant surprise where things just keep working. Printers in the past for us had been notoriously horrible with dying. The ink jet ones were shit. If you didn’t print often the full ink cartridge would be “empty” or it would dry out and print poorly. No matter the brand or the price they all seemed to be terrible.

When the price of laser printers were lower I bought one and it copied too. Sadly that wasn’t the best experience. It jammed way to often but the toner lasted forever. When that toner was low we gave the printer away and I ordered an MFC-9330CDW. We thought color would be nice to have available and WiFi would be great to have. Little did we know how useful that feature would become. It gives us the ability to easily print from our tablets or phones and we can place the printer where it’s convenient.

That has been great other than the occasional WiFi flakiness and a handful of paper jams but buying a different kind of paper seems to have solved that. They mostly occurred when printing on both sides of the paper.

The black toner is low and the color ones are somewhat low so instead of waiting til we need it I ordered replacements from Amazon. I had to look at my order history to find out which ones I had ordered in the past since they were a cheap third party toner but have worked well. Turns out I had ordered the ones that are currently installed in 2017, 3 years ago. The package of color ones came with a black toner that we haven’t used yet but I had ordered a separate black one earlier that year that we’re still using.

Three years for a consumable is nothing to complain about and since they have been good enough for our needs I ordered another set with two black toners since that’s the one we use most often and it runs out faster than the colors. That should last us a long time.

It definitely prints good enough quality for our needs. The color is nice to have for certain things. You wouldn’t want to print pictures with this thing but no laser printers would be good at that.

That got me curious of how long we’ve had the printer itself so I looked through my order history until I found it on Newegg. Turns out I bought the printer itself in August of 2014 which means we’ve had it much longer than I thought we did. As I wrote earlier you need to consider yourself lucky if something lasts over a year anymore. I am glad I took a chance on the MFC-9330CDW when I ordered it with it having mixed reviews. It’s been pretty great to us!