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Still Using DesktopBSD

I’m still using DesktopBSD and still pretty happy with it. Actually it makes using the computer a lot of fun again. It’s fun learning something new and fun remembering and relearning all the different things I remember reading about UNIX. The way things are done are just more interesting to me. The things I had read are coming back to me and making a bit more sense now. I wish I had done this 10 years ago.

When I am not in a hurry to do something I try stuff with the command line to learn more about it. Being visually impaired that seems like the better solution to do some things for me anyways. It’s less visual. I tend loose the mouse more times than I care to think about when using a graphical interface.

Something isn’t quite right with the windows partition on my computer and i haven’t bothered to reinstall windows. I haven’t needed it except for one program which I just use the laptop for. I decided to not repair it so that I am forced to stick with BSD and use it for everything. If a few months down the line it doesn’t work out for me then I know I gave it a fair chance and could go back to windows but I don’t really see that happening.

I have not managed to break anything so bad that I couldn’t fix it. It’s been completely stable for me unless I did something to break it. It pretty much just works for me and does everything I need or want. I appreciate having this available to me and hope to someday be able to give back.

I also love the fact that the FreeBSD handbook is online. It’s been useful and something I’ve enjoyed reading through. I will read it again and study it. I think that is the best feature there is.