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LaunchVPS Has Been Great

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I was cleaning up my email a bit last night and noticed my invoice for my current host, LaunchVPS . It got me thinking how the hosting here has always just worked for me over the past year and a half or so that I’ve been using them. Typically the only thoughts on products or services people ever really post are bad experiences or being a paid shill I am using my affiliate link but why wouldn’t I?

Back To Vultr

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It seems like I just can’t stay away from Vultr. Any time I’ve had a server there it’s been absolutely rock solid and reliable. The only downtime I can think of or have noticed is a few years back when support said they were doing host node maintenance. I can’t speak for other data centers but NJ has always been awesome for me. Their interface is nice. It’s easy to do anything you might need to do in your control panel.