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Falling, falling from my oppression God where are you now

Last year I rediscovered Dystopia. I’d heard stuff from Human=Garbage it on college radio stations back in the mid 90s but never picked up on who it was to search for it. (The internet makes finding stuff you hear so much easier these days) I recently heard it again on a streaming metal station online. It actually got me to hunt down a few other sludgy things I heard back then. The one fortunate thing is where we lived is I could pick up a number of college radio stations back then.

So many of their songs hit home for me. especially when I’m in a darker mood which I happen to be in quite a bit recently do to being hypothyroid. So many if not all of their songs are just plain fucked up.

Their song Leaning with Intent to Fall really has been hitting home with how I feel about drugs and the too many friends and family members that have overdose. 3 cousins this year are dead.

Dark, Crushing, heavy is what you get from Dystopia. They really do an awesome job with their use samples. love / Hate or Sanctity or two songs that are mostly samples that are disturbing and fit the theme of song. It’s just pure misery. If you’re in the mood to be full of angst, hate and misery this is what you want.