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My Old Trusty Maha Battery Charger Finally Died

I’ve been using NiMH batteries for what seems like forever. My police scanner that I used before things went digital took for AA batteries itself and then when we geocached a lot more often than we do now I really used them. Powerex batteries were highly rated and met those expectations for me with the GPSrs.

I knew I needed a good charger for the batteries to make them last longer before wearing out and had read good things about the MAHA MH-C9000. It was much more expensive than what I could find at Walmart or whatever but that thing was a tank. I used it for around ten years nearly daily a lot of that time. The batteries never really got hot and neither did the charger it self.

I was pissed when it finally died because I had to find something new. I hate when I have to replace something that’s worked so well for so long because most stuff out there is just utter crap.

If it weren’t for my own clumsiness I wouldn’t be shopping for a new charger. The charge sat behind me on my little table. I also sat my glass of water on that table and never had a problem until recently. I turned around and went to grab my glass of water to get a drink and in stead in my poor vision misjudging of distance I bumped the glass and tipped it over. Of course it had to tip towards the charger and be just the right distance from it when it tipped that it splashed my water directly into the electronics part of the charger. The screen went funky.

I unplugged it and left it sit and dry for a few days. Well it was probably more like a few weeks. I don’t remember the exact day I did it but when I tried it again the screen digits were still out of whack. I decided that I didn’t trust it being electronic and getting wet to not kill my batteries or worse start a fire when we weren’t home or sleeping.

Now I guess it’s time to start the annoying thing of trying to figure out what’s good and reputable these days since my old charger is out of stock and discontinued. I hate shopping for anything electronic anymore. You can’t find what you’re looking for in a local store and online is just flooded with one good product and then hundreds of shitty Chinese knock offs that look the same are are labeled to seem as if they’re the same. This is really noticeable on Amazon.