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My Shortwave Radio Is Broken, I'm Thinking About Getting A New One

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The other day when the internet was down I got the idea to find my old short wave radio and see what’s still broadcast on their. Sadly there had been batteries in it that leaked for who knows how many years and the corroded the contact which broke off.

I'm Thinking About Getting A SDR To Play With

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I see that there seems to be a decently rated software defined radio available. 30 books or so on Amazon so I am thinking about ordering one to play with. I wonder if it would re spark my interest that I had as a kid when I made my first crystal radio. I kind of drifted away from that when I realized the visual aspect of building stuff. I mean I always liked trying to find the furthest.

Beginning The Hunt For A Portable Music Player

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I’m beginning my search for a portable music player. It needs to have a fairly large screen that’s readable for me. It needs to have expandable memory and Bluetooth.

Delorme PN-40 Is Nice But Not For Me

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Well I had an [Earthmate PN-40 “Delorme PN-40](http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001FVLTNA?ie=UTF8&tag=deth&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B001FVLTNA">DeLorme “Earthmate PN-40 “Delorme PN-40”) which I liked a lot. It had good accuracy from what I could tell but I never really got the chance to use it. The first time I got very short battery life. I returned it and they repaired it. The second time I got it back and it just didn’t power on. Then I received it again and If I had to guess I put the batteries in backwards and it didn’t work.

I Want This GPS!

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I’ve been reading about the new Delorme PN-20 GPS. It looks pretty interesting. It comes with Delorme’s USA Topo 6.0. The GPS can show aerial photos too. Just seems real interesting to me. The couple of reviews I’ve read on it say it isn’t perfect but at least they’re adding something a bit different. I hope this becomes the norm by the time I need a new GPS.