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My Shortwave Radio Is Broken, I'm Thinking About Getting A New One

The other day when the internet was down I decided to hunt for my old shortwave radio. I’ve always been really interested in listening to different stuff on their from other countries but put it away years ago and had forgotten about it.

Unfortunately when I put it away it had batteries in it and they leaked. That seems to have destroyed the at least one of the contacts that’s visible. Maybe I could come up with a way to fix it but probably not. Sadly on this particular radio I could never see the screen all that well and the buttons have such microscopic text I couldn’t even see them with a magnifier. I never played with it for long enough to learn them.

I am thinking about seeing what I can find for a short wave radio/ receiver that maybe is more usable to me. I would prefer not to spend a lot because I don’t know with everything being digital these day how usable it would be for me vision wise.

Another reason that I am at least somewhat hesitant to spend the money on one is back when I did use mine there was a lot of electrical interference. I have no idea if that’s changed or not. I know the house next door did have a bad electrical system that’s been completely redone since they gutted that house.

I really don’t know how much is still broadcast on shortwave these days either and how much interesting stuff there may be out there. At least part of me would tend to think that a lot of that stuff has moved to the internet since that’s probably cheaper.

Growing up, my dad had a radio that received short wave and I listened to it a lot. It was really wild to me to be able to hear things from around the world. Something just always intrigued me about hearing different view points. I was never the one and still am not the type of person that wants to have or hear the point of view of things that I’m supposed to have. I prefer to hear all sides.

I did look a bit into new radios and there seems to be a decent amount of cheap options. Only time will tell whether I go through with actually ordering one but I am at least thinking about it. I’ll probably get one eventually.