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GymNext Flex Timer

I see the question asked frequently enough about what timer to get for WODS at home, and it dawned upon me today that I’ve never posted my thoughts on our GymNext Flex timer on here.

The timer itself is almost perfect. It has nice big and bright numbers, and we don’t even have ours set to the maximum brightness. Even I can see them okay enough, being visually impaired and all. We have the home edition, but the gym addition has even bigger numbers which would have worked better for me, but it also would have been $100 more.

The timer itself is controlled by Bluetooth using their app. Their app itself is an excellent choice for a timer if you want to just use one on your phone or something but we wanted an LED wall timer. The app makes it pretty easy to program it to do any sort of timer you want. At the old gym they had to fuck around with a remote to set up the timer, but the app is much easier than I’d imagine the remote would be.

It can do basically any type of interval you can imagine. It has a voice that counts down 3 2 1 go, and it will do that over your music if you’re streaming music from the same device. It does the same thing for rounds or EMOMs, and it works well with my Fiio M11 which among other things we use in the garage. I am finding myself unable to think of any time there wasn’t a way to make it do any sort of timer we’ve wanted it to do.

If you’re in the market for a timer that you can use for any sort of workouts at home, I’d highly suggest that you look into the GymNext Flex timer. It’s not cheap, but it’s been flawless so far. I know If read of cheaper timers not even being able to keep time correctly. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of you using a timer? You get what you pay for.