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Acid Bath

She smiles like a child with flowers in her hair with blood on her hands Into the sun she stares

Acid Bath might be one of my favorite bands of all time. Dax Rigg’s Darkness makes the music and I think the heavier music suits his voice better than the stuff that he does now. His more recent stuff is really good but I think Acid Bath is better for his voice.

The lyrics are all dark and to some they’d be pretty disturbing. They’re well written like true dark poetry. You can only wonder what was going through Dax Riggs’ head when he wrote them.

There’s a variety in there music from deathish thrash metal type songs to sludgy doom. I listen to their two CDs pretty often. It’s disappointing that they never did anymore than that. Scream of the Butterfly is probably one of my favorite by them and certainly one of my all time favorites songs of all time. Then again there’s not a song by them that I can’t listen to or don’t like.

Acid Bath isn’t for everyone with their fucked up lyrics.