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Something Different

I have enjoyed the dirty work WODs from street parking this summer. I like using the sled and have really been enjoying using my strongman sandbag.

There was one that has been eating at my mind to try with bear hug carries. I really wanted to try it out, but I was a bit hesitant with the way the brute force sandbag that’s more traditional with light up my lower back with them. That tended to fold over and try to pull me forward, I think.

The strongman one is just basically a ball, so it is more solid and not floppy like the other sandbag. In a way, it’s more difficult to hold on to, but in other ways it is easier. I absolutely felt more stable carrying the strongman bag with it being solid against me instead of flopping forward. Ninety pounds is much heavier than fifty or so pounds, so it was harder weight wise.

I broke up the two hundred meters sooner than I thought I would need to just to avoid hitting failure. It was pretty warm and humid too, so that wasn’t helpful, especially when the sandbag got sweaty and more slippery. I did make it a hundred meters for the first half of the third round. That was pretty surprising. It was challenging but needs to be a bit heavier.

I have the bigger sandbag now that can go up to a hundred and fifty pounds. We realized pretty quickly that the one that tops out at a hundred pounds was probably not heavy enough for me.