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Not A Bad Day Lifting

I actually slept pretty good last night. I didn’t expect that after laying there awake and having to get up with a lot of crap in my throat from my stuffy nose. It sucked because I was so tired that I wanted to sleep but kept having useless coughs trying to get that shit out of my throat. Sitting up for a while helped.

This morning I woke up feeling decent enough today. I don’t think I slept long enough, but when I woke up, I was awake. I drank my coffee until it started getting light, then I went and turned on the house to water the garden and watered our potted plants and strawberries before the sun came up. It was going to be another hot day without any rain.

I screwed around too much this morning and got a later start than normal with my lifting. It was a combination of me being lazy and hot. Eventually around 11:00 I turned the air conditioner on in the garage for a bit then got changed to head out there and get to my lifting. That air conditioner allowed me to do my lifts.

I started off my lifting right with the back squats. My favorite lift! These were light for me today, since I’d dropped on my weights after doing my total last week. I easily did five sets of five at the two hundred pounds with no issues at all. I did allow myself longer rest between sets after being so hot all morning. Last evening, I was starting to get cramps that, I think, were either dehydration or heat related. I wanted to avoid that this morning while working out. The squats felt good and easy, but they should have.

Next up, I had to do some rather light bench pressing. For the bench today, I had to do five sets of five at one hundred and forty-five pounds. They felt harder today than the weight should have, but that was because I just couldn’t seem to get the bench lined up quite right. Each set it was off by a little, so it was throwing me off. Either way, I did it and got through my five sets with no real issues.

Last up for the day’s lifts for today was the three sets of ten good mornings. Having not done them for a while, I went with only ninety-five pounds today to play it safe and see how they went. They felt god other than me walking out a bit too far and bumping the back of the rack. I could have done the hundred and twenty pounds that I had been doing, but I feel better knowing that I could have, instead of sitting here with a wrecked back thinking I shouldn’t have done it. I got threw them pretty quickly.

It was a good day in the garage for me today. I didn’t do a WOD and I think I will be skipping that since the heat’s got me feeling run down, but I’m fine with that. I have to work around the heat killing me.

Music for today was Katalespy.