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WOD This Morning Then Played With The Sled Around Lunch Time

It was another great night of sleep last night with the dry air and nice cool temperatures. The low was near fifty, so need I say more? No fire pits smoke either. I didn’t even wake up in the middle of the night so I h ad to take my thyroid pill this morning then I had to wait to drink my coffee.

The coffee was good, and I got on the computer while drinking it, continuing debugging the short code for Hugo that I have been editing to my own liking from someone else. Once I get it to where I am happy with it I will post the source code.

I tackled the vault WOD in the middle of the morning. It wasn’t too bad. Certainly, not one of my favorites because of the complex counting for the score. Every other minute I did ten kettlebell swings, the burpees for the rest of the minute. I think that was for eighteen minutes? I was pretty happy with how I did for a WOD i’d prefer not to do. My biggest issue was a side stitch. It slowed me down quite a bit with the burpees, but I still easily made the goal time.

Music for the WOD was Obscura.

I came back upstairs and was working some more with debugging when it dawned on me that it’s in the mid-seventies and breezy. The Alley has been quiet. I haven’t been hearing trucks, or the guys working at the barrel place and Street Parking just released some sled WODs that we’ve been wanting to try. I got everything set up while Molly got dressed to watch me do it.

The WOD was simple enough. Pull the sled a hundred meters, then turn around and pull it another hundred meters, but backwards. I had no clue where to go with the weight for this since we don’t use the sled that often and the backwards pulls I don’t think I’ve ever tried. I have been meaning to, but don’t think I ever did.

I went with two forty-five pound plates on the sled. I felt that it was a good weight for today after I completed the WOD. It was easy for the forward pulls, but those backwards pulls were a different beast. They were a lot tougher than I imagined they would be. They left my legs shaky every time I did them, but in a good way. I think they’re something that I am going to have to do more often. I had read that they’re good for your knees and stuff.

It wasn’t hiking out in the woods, which would be even better, but this was a good way to spend a half an hour or so of nice sunny weather. It was great to watch Molly suffer through it too, after I was done! That slice sled was a good investment when we were in the lockdowns. Now we have to just use it more.