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Good Day Lifting But Less Than Ideal For A WOD

I slept surprisingly well last night after drinking the night before. Maybe the air conditioner being on helped, even though it wasn’t humid. I just didn’t feel like taking it out of the window, and it wouldn’t have been smart after drinking to do so.

When I got up, I drank my coffee. I was pretty much ready to head out into the garage right away to get on with my squats. I was excited to do them. It was about 7:30 or so when I got changed and went out there.

I started off the day with some nice heavy back squats. Today’s weight was two hundred and fifty-five pounds for three sets of five. They did not feel heavy at all for me today. They felt great and were actually pretty fast squats. Who knows what my brain was thinking, but I had that brain fart on the last squat of the second set that I turned into a full pause squat. I just sort of sat there in the hole being, puzzled, thinking what the fuck did I do that for. Even with the pause, I had a surprisingly strong drive out of the bottom. I had none of those shenanigans the third set. They all felt and looked like just about as perfect of a squat as my body will do. The only one catch was that my abs were feeling it pretty good with the squats. They were pretty lit after I doubled up WODs yesterday with my strong man sandbag that I just got.

Next for today I did my bench press which was fairly light at a hundred and fifty pounds. I quickly worked my way though the sets with nice short breaks between the sets in contrast to the longer breaks for those heavy back squats. The bench felt pretty good and was pretty uneventful.

With my abs feeling a bit off I decided it was best to pass on the good mornings for today.

Music my lifting today was Candlemass.

We did our running around after I was finished. WE had to hit up Target and Home Depot, and my girlfriend wanted to go to Old navy to see if she could spend her gift card.

After we got home and brought the stuff in, I got changed again and headed outside to get my shit together to do a sled plus strongman sandbag WOD. I wasn’t feeling it and with my core feeling weak, I decided that I would give the first round a fair try then walk away if I needed to. Loaded up the sled with two forty-five pound plates and decided to pull it today after pushing it yesterday. I knew the WOD wasn’t going to go great when I got down to the corner where I had to turn around, which is where the nitwit neighbor planted a row of trees far too close to the street. It’s not possible to get over far enough, and there were not one but two cars coming. That was only the first sled pull, and my focus was already lost because of that.

The first part with the sandbag was a different movement for me that I haven’t done with this one yet. They were bear hug squats. I did smaller sets than I needed to, but got through the required reps in short order. The second, shorter sled pull was uneventful at least. After that, I had to put the sandbag over the shoulder. The seventy-three pounds I have loaded in the bag is light enough that they’re too easy. I will add weight in a week or two, apter getting some practice reps in. After that, I had a bear hug carry. Those I felt loading my abs a bit too much and didn’t want to over do it with them feeling off, so I just said I’m done for the day. Next time I’ll get it for sure.